Internet & Computer

Internet access is made possible only through state and federal e-rate funding received yearly. To qualify for these funds, the Woodward Public Library must comply with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations regarding the Childhood Internet Protection Act, (CIPA) which was passed by the U.S. Congress in December of 2000. Filtering software, as required by CIPA and the FCC, has been installed on the library’s Internet access computers.

The Woodward Public Library provides computers for public use. Computers are available for Internet access, word processing, and other software.

Our Mission

An essential component of the library’s mission statement is to provide equal access to informational, educational, cultural, and recreational library materials and services in a variety of formats and technologies. To support this mission, computer workstations are available for library customers.

Guidelines for Use

No user will be allowed to sign in 30 minutes prior to closing and those signed in must log off 15 minutes prior to closing.

Use of a computer is on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be reserved.

A user will have a 1-hour time limit; additional time may be granted.

The Woodward Public Library reserves the right to limit the number of people using a computer workstation to two users.

Downloading and Saving

Downloading or saving information is acceptable to a portable storage device.

Fees and Printing

Any fees incurred while using a library computer are the responsibility of the user, not the library. In the case of minors, fees are the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or legal caregiver.

Printing charges are $.25 for black and white or $1 for color per page.

Your Responsibilities

The library does not provide e-mail accounts.

Users shall refrain from the use of sounds and visuals which disrupt the ability of other library customers’ use of the library and its resources.

Users with small children are asked to keep their children by their side; library staff cannot supervise your child. See Rules of Conduct Policy and Child’s Safety Policy.

Library staff can help customers with basic computer and internet use but can only provide assistance as time permits.

Users May Not:

Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software

Make any attempt to alter hardware or software configurations

Install, download, or delete any software on a library computer

Violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements

Use any library workstation for financial gain or commercial activity

Use any library workstation for illegal or criminal purpose including the “Harmful to Minors,” Oklahoma State Statute Title 21, Section 1040.76

Engage in any activity that is deliberately and maliciously offensive, libelous, or slanderous

Children and the Internet

The Internet is a valuable educational resource for children but because of its unregulated nature there are sites that parents may feel are inappropriate for their children. The library staff is sensitive to this fact but will be unable to monitor the Internet activities of each child using the library’s computers. The Woodward Public Library employs a filter to protect against inappropriate or harmful information, but no filter is perfect. Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children both the benefits and hazards of using the Internet. The library does not presume to act in loco parentis but supports the role of parents in making decisions regarding their children. Parents, guardians, or legal caregivers of minor children (unmarried children under the age of 18 as defined by Oklahoma State Statute Title 21, Chapter 39, Section 1040.75) must assume full responsibility for their child’s use of the library computers.

For children under the age of 12, parents are strongly urged to accompany their child while using the library’s Internet computers. Parents should advise their children of safety and security issues when using electronic mail and other forms of direct electronic communications; e.g., disclosing personal information.


All library customers are expected to use the library’s resources, including the Internet, in a responsible and courteous manner consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which the resources are provided. Library customers must abide by the library’s Rules of Conduct Policy and the library’s Internet & Computer Policy.

Damages resulting from the misuse of equipment are the responsibility of the user or, in the case of minors, the parent, guardian, or legal caregiver.

The use of the library’s computers is a privilege, not a right. Failure to comply with these policies shall be deemed grounds for revocation of privileges, disciplinary and/or appropriate legal action. 1st violation/Verbal Warning 2nd Violation/ Revoked Privileges for one year.

The Woodward Public Library reserves the right to take appropriate action to ensure compliance with this policy, other library or city policies and procedures, or any local, state, or federal law.

A current copy of the policy will be kept at each computer workstation. It will be the customer’s responsibility to be aware of this policy and any amendments and supplements.

All restrictions may be appealed to the library’s board of directors for review and consideration.