Rules of Conduct

The Woodward Public Library’s Rules of Conduct Policy has a threefold purpose:

  1. to protect the rights and safety of library customers
  2. to protect the rights and safety of library staff members
  3. to preserve and protect the library’s materials, facilities, and property.

The Rules of Conduct Policy shall apply to the building, interior and exterior, and all grounds operated by the City of Woodward and to all persons entering in or on the premises.
Library customers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that enables other customers, staff, and themselves to accomplish their intended library tasks in a safe, reasonable pleasant, and orderly environment.

The library director and staff reserve the right to take appropriate action to ensure compliance with all its policies.
Any person who refuses or fails to comply will be in violation of library policy and/or city ordinance. Persons who are found to be in violation of the Rules of Conduct Policy shall be ordered to discontinue the prohibited behavior and/or leave the library building and grounds immediately. If compliance is not met immediately, the library director or staff will contact local authorities for the purpose of removal of the person or persons in violation of this policy.

Examples of unacceptable behavior or activity include, but are not limited to—

  • Annoying, harassing, or threatening of another person
  • Physical, sexual, or verbal abuse of another person
  • Bringing weapons, concealed or otherwise into the library, except by law enforcement officials
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs; selling, using, or possessing alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Stealing, rearranging, defacing, or destroying library property
  • Interfering with the free passage of others
  • Behaving in a disorderly, loud, or disruptive manner
  • Operating electronic or cellular equipment in an audibly disruptive manner
  • Soliciting, selling, sleeping, loitering, or campaigning
  • Soliciting, selling, or conducting surveys not authorized by the library director
  • Posting or distributing unauthorized material
  • Attempting to obtain a library card with false identification
  • Interfering with other’s use of the library through poor personal hygiene
  • Leaving minors or vulnerable adults unsupervised or unattended. See Children’s Safety Policy
  • Leaving personal items unattended; the library is not responsible for lost, stolen, or unattended property
  • Bringing animals or vehicles into the library except as required for young children or physically handicapped individuals
  • Bringing roller blades, skates, skateboards, or bicycles into the library
  • Being in an unauthorized area of the library or remaining in an area after its closing
  • Bringing outside food or beverages without lids into the library; only beverages with lids allowed
  • Using tobacco products in the library
  • Engaging in any activities while on library premises that are not related to the proper use of the library
  • Proper attire including shirt and shoes must be worn at all times in the library
  • Using restrooms for anything other than normal toilet and lavatory purposes
  • Littering on library premises
  • Any illegal activity

Exceptions to this policy may be considered on an individual basis at the discretion of the library director and/or assistant director.