Play Adult Book Bingo!
Keep track of books you read and events you attend from October 1st through October 31st.
Book titles may be used only once per card, and only one entry per person. For readers 18 and older.
How do I win?
BINGO: Complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line! Turn in your card and you’ll be entered into a drawing for
one of five (5) $50 Cash Prizes.
Blackout: Complete all 25 squares! Turn in your card and you’ll be entered in a drawing for the grand prize of $100 Cash.
How do I submit my board for the prize drawing?

Submit your completed card (with either a bingo or a blackout) in one of the following ways:
1.  Drop off your card (or a copy) at of The Woodward Public Library.
2.  Mail your card (or a copy) to:
Woodward Public Library
1500 Main Street
Woodward, OK 73801
3.  Post a photo of your completed card for an extra cash prize drawing of $25 to the Library’s Facebook Page #BookBingo2019.

See PDF Flyer For Details

See BINGO Card